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Carlo Pagoda

January 2009

Peter Robinson, Managing Director of, approached CPDC to help develop an idea that he had been working on for some time.

A respected travel writer with years of national and international experience, Peter’s inside knowledge had enabled him to identify an opportunity to develop a unique country accommodation/destination guide for discerning weekend travellers, a market yet to be tapped with such a specific product.

Initial competitive research of print based ‘travel information’ in a similar vein, revealed a plethora of travel books, brochures, leaflets and guides covering every conceivable aspect of travel and appealing to a wide audience. Finding specific accommodation at the higher quality end in regional Victoria however, meant sifting through a lot of ’other stuff’ before finding what you were after.

The idea was sound.
Specific information for a specific segment, in this case unique accommodation in Country Victoria
The collection of information needed to be provided in a concise easy to access form that made the whole experience simple and pleasurable.

At this point, Peter approached CPDC and we were able to work through with him the subsequent steps of the process.
Firstly we had to develop a position that communicated to the audience it was aimed for, as this would drive the following stages. With a position established, the actual physical form this ‘guide’ would take, how the information was to be housed, its visual look and feel and how it would be presented to consumers, all needed to be designed and all needed to work in unison to reflect the products unique positioning.

The basic idea was built around a collection 52 exceptional places of accommodation you could choose from for 52 separate weekends of the year, hence the name 52 Weekends – The idea therefore of yet ‘another guide book’ was nixed early on in the process.

We needed something different that worked with the basic premise.

The idea of separate cards, was still a relatively new concept tried by only a few publishers in this category and all lacked a sense of quality that was part of this product’s basic values.

The solution was a very stylish set of large ‘post’ cards with exceptional photographs taken by Peter. Each card featured a large stunning shot of the property on the front with an inside view on the reverse, along with relevant information about the property and the region. A ‘cigar case’ style of packaging housed the cards.

Available in bookstores and specialty outlets in a self-contained counter display box, this is the first in a series that will see other states with their own specific guide.

The lesson here is that once you believe you have identified a unique Niche in the market place for your product or service, do your homework, do the research and then work with appropriate consultants and suppliers to bring your idea to fruition.

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