Phase 1 Assessment and Brand Audit
The first step is an analysis of a brand’s current situation, opportunities and challenges that identifies and prioritises the specific actions required to achieve your business goals.

We achieve this through listening, learning, analysing then making an assessment and recommendation.

As part of this process we will undertake an Audit of all your marketing material to help evaluate how effectively and consistently you represent and deliver your brand strategy across all points of consumer contact.

Every element of your brand identity is examined – from packaging, vehicles, signage, and POS to advertising, collateral and web – to see how they support your positioning strategies.

Our brand audit also considers your stakeholders’ perceptions of the Brand, gathered through interviews with executives, employees, customers and your competitors’ customers.

The final deliverable of the Brand Audit is a list of specific actions to bring your Brand into alignment with your marketing goals.

Phase 2 Creative Platform Development
The key to developing a successful Creative Platform on which to build a successful marketing communication program starts with a clearly defined and articulated Brand Position.

Without a unique and identifiable brand position the foundation will always be susceptible to weakening over time. But with a strong defensible Brand Position in place, the development of the ‘big idea’ can begin and its implementation can be mapped out.

Phase 3 Implementation
In this final execution phase of the Branding process. the information uncovered in the earlier Assessment and Audit phase and the collective decisions made during the Creative Platform Development phase will ultimately define and prioritise this program.

The objective is an integrated program that will be executed across all consumer touch points in a consistent and coherent manner that unites the brand under one voice thereby building a strong, lasting, brand presence.